Louisa Chircop's work investigates and examines the human condition. She sifts her psyche and responds emotionally to the world around her. Chircop's inspiration comes from a variety of sources as she works across diverse mediums and approaches interacting with Art History and Culture. Using her subconscious to discover her subterranean voice, she brings connections between the personal and universal, life and existential themes. Her images appear as psychic montages and troves of ambiguity and enigma, making visible the intimate and elusive qualities of the shape of her thinking and the fragile ever changing world in which we live.  Explore my work >


Louisa Chircop is a finalist in this year’s Hazelhurst Art On Paper Award. Held every two years since 2001, and now in its 10th year, the Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award is a significant national exhibition that aims to elevate the status of works on paper while supporting and promoting artists working with this medium. The Award aims to demonstrate the materiality of paper, its versatility and the possibilities of paper as a medium. Prizes include: Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award of $15,000 Young and Early Career Art Award of $5,000, Local Artist Award of $5,000 and the Hazelhurst’s preparator’s residency award. Read what the press is saying.



I am honoured to have been invited to take part in the PLC Artist in Residence program. The annual Artist-in-Residence program connects Visual Arts at PLC Sydney with industry practitioners. To date, the College has welcomed some of Australia's most respected contemporary artists on the Year 11 Visual Arts Camp at Bundanon; each inspirational in sharing their art practice and approaches to depicting the Australian landscape. Video by Hugh Clark. Read more >


I'm thrilled to have been approached by Foxtel Arts to feature in their launch campaign alongside two other respected Australian portrait artists for 'Portrait Artist Of The Year - Season 4 Launch'. Don't miss the series beginning on Tuesday 14 August 2018 on Foxtel Arts or stream On Demand.